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Rethinking The Rules Of Talent Management: A Future-Proof Approach - C&L ;

Human Resource (HR) departments which prioritise Talent Management have a high success in recruitment and retention. As industries begin to realise the importance of a people-centric approach, it’s essential that organisations offer opportunities of growth and development to the people they hire. Technology is on the rise, and it’s how adaptable an HR department is to the ever-evolving market that sets it aside from the rest.

Staying ahead of Talent Management industry trends is a balance between agility and adaptability. If your employees are used to specific processes which are already accessible, it’ll be more difficult to sway them to upskill, and keep up with technology. Talent Managers who aren’t hesitant to fail fast and learn fast are the pioneers of the transformation needed in workplaces of the future.

There are proactive talent strategies which will be introduced to create more solid employee experiences. These changes should be embraced, because they reflect on the new and coming nature of Talent Management. With emerging HR trends, the best results happen when employees are involved in the process of setting and measuring their own goals  – get them involved from the beginning.

Something else to consider as an emerging Talent Management trend is contingent recruitment. This has changed traditional forms of recruitment and is becoming a go-to solution for HR departments. The “gig-like” model gives employees opportunities to work on a project-by-project basis, and helps them understand how their careers will develop in the long-term.

Looking a bit further into the future, it’s necessary that Talent Managers analyse how humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will work in harmony. Organisations are embracing and adopting robotics and AI, and finding that virtually every job can be redesigned – creating new categories of work, including hybrid jobs and “superjobs.”

Organisations are in a process of constant evolution. According to research, “there will be 750,000 unfulfilled Information and Communications Technologies (ICT jobs)”. This means that digital transformation will remain a key to talent management and retention. Collaborative models and agile adaptation will be required to future-proof your Talent Management strategy.

The Talent Management programme at C&L Skills Management will help you recognise the critical contributions employees will make in the workplace of the future. All our courses are SETA-accredited and registered, and have dedicated learner support systems and quality content delivery systems.

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