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How To Combat Youth Unemployment - C&L ;

Unemployment figures in South Africa are among the highest in the world. Some of the most frequently cited causes are inequality, poor educational infrastructure, and lack of professional skills development. The youth constitute a significant demographic in unemployment figures and should thus be the main focus when it comes to shrinking unemployment and building a more productive society. This article will tell you why you should invest in the youth and how you can do it.

The best investment opportunities are easily accessible and give great returns. They also seem to be quite rare, however, especially in a precarious economy such as ours. The good news is that there is an entire market of untapped investment opportunities that are ripe for the picking – the youth. Most unemployed youths are desperately looking for jobs, but they may not have the necessary skills to be accepted for employment. This often results in them turning to a life of crime to support themselves and their families. Instead of giving large sums of money to these youths, which will often result in no change in their lives, one can rather spend this money on skills development. One way you can do this is by taking on a few unemployed individuals as temporary staff and upskilling them. This might seem costly, but it is beneficial to both the company and the people you decide to employ. On the side of the company, the benefits include saving money on the hiring cycle, improved B-BBEE scores, and the ability to claim training spend; on the side of the individuals being hired, they get to put their feet in the door of employment (gaining experience in the process) and they are given the opportunity of a lifetime to receive training and improve their employability even further. It’s a double-edged investment that is good for the company, the individual being hired, and even the country in the long run.

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