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This Is Why You Need A Quality Management Certificate - C&L ;

Quality control is one of the most essential elements of running a business. It is not enough to produce products or deliver services – one must take reasonable steps to ensure that these products or services are of the highest quality standard. This article is about C&L Skills Management’s new Quality Management Systems certificate and why you need to make it part of your professional toolkit.

When a customer purchases a product or service from you or your company, they do so with the conception that they are purchasing something of a certain quality (depending on your company and the kind of products and services you produce). The customer is usually satisfied when their expectations are met, or even ecstatic when their expectations are exceeded. When they purchase something and the quality is sub-standard, they will be unhappy and this can hurt your business. The customer may decide to never support your company again or they may spread word of your company’s seemingly low standards. The latter can be especially damaging and it is therefore essential to make sure you either meet or exceed customers’ expectations. By consistently delivering on promises to consumers, you can elevate your brand’s image and stand out above competitors (especially in circumstances where you and a competitor offer the same thing at the same price – the customer will always choose the item of better quality).

With the above factors in mind, C&L Skills Management developed the Quality Management Systems (QMS) National Certificate – a qualification with the sole purpose of improving your quality control skills and equipping you with the knowledge to implement or improve existing quality management systems to ensure the company’s products and services are always of excellent quality. This Certificate is an excellent supplement for qualifications in the service, manufacturing, production or construction fields, but may also be useful for individuals who wish to improve their quality control skills. There are 5 modules in total: Introduction to QMS, Ethics, Implementing and Controlling QMS, Introduction to Project Management, and Enhancing An Existing QMS.

To learn more about the Quality Management Systems National Certificate, contact us at ciskad@clskillsmanagement.co.za.