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The Difference Between Good and Bad Company Culture - C&L ;

There is no such thing as a company without culture. There are only companies with a good company culture and companies with a bad company culture. Not fitting into a company’s culture is not necessarily a sign that the company’s culture is bad, just like an easy-going company culture is not necessarily an indication that the company’s culture is good. This article will provide a brief description (including examples) of what constitutes good and bad company culture and how each may impact a company.

Company culture describes the general work environment at a company. When people think of good company culture, they think of extended lunch breaks or free lunches, regular company retreats, and a relaxed dress code. Good company culture is more than just things to be checked off a list, however. Good company culture promotes open communication between employees at all levels of a company and also results in employees enjoying working for the company and increases the likelihood of them enjoying their jobs. Major benefits (besides the inherent benefits of open communication) of good company culture are low employee turnover and increased productivity. Employees thus find joy in their jobs, are less likely to leave, and are more willing to put in extra work.

Bad company culture is almost the complete opposite of good company culture. People stop enjoying their jobs, lose their motivation, and don’t want to work for the company anymore. Instead of just making workers unhappy, however, it can make them apathetic, which has a highly negative influence on productivity and quality. Examples of bad company culture include poor leadership, vague job descriptions or expectations, rampant unethical behaviour and business practices, and a lack of cohesion (team spirit).

Good company culture can attract better employees and will encourage your best employees to stay with the company. One way to foster a positive company culture is by upskilling staff and making them feel like their input matters. C&L Skills Management specialises in the upskilling and training of individuals, as well as delivering organisation-specific development programmes. All our courses are SETA-accredited and registered, and we have dedicated learner support systems and quality content delivery systems.

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