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Why You Should Upskill Your Staff - C&L ;

Upskilling your staff may seem like a costly and impractical ordeal to the ill-informed business owner or manager, but the truth is the exact opposite. Not only does upskilling your staff provide ample benefits to them, it also gives your business a direct boost and adds significant value to your offering. This article will briefly cover the main benefits of upskilling your staff.

  • Upskilling your entire staff complement at once is often more cost-effective than upskilling one individual at a time. What’s more, it can help the company save money in the long run by reducing staff turnover. Staff who feel like their company is investing in them are more likely to stay loyal to the company than staff who feel neglected or overlooked.
  • Perhaps the most directly observable benefit, upskilling can improve staff efficiency and productivity. Your staff will become more efficient if they are trained in the latest industry methods and if they are equipped with the most recent knowledge in their fields. Productivity will also increase due to your staff becoming more comfortable with their jobs and being provided with incentives to work harder (training, salary increases due to being able to handle more work, etc).
  • Another major benefit is the added value you will be able to provide to clients. By upskilling your staff, you increase the amount and type of work they will be able to handle, allowing you to expand your service offering to clients.

C&L Skills Management is a company that specialises in the upskilling and training of individuals, as well as delivering cost-effective, organisation-specific development programmes. All our courses are SETA-accredited and registered, and we have dedicated learner support systems and quality content delivery systems.

For more information, contact us at ciskad@clskillsmanagement.co.za.