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C&L Skills Management: How To Choose A Course - C&L ;

Choosing the best (or most appropriate) course for yourself is easy. It boils down to three simple principles (outlined below), but if all (or more than one) of them are applicable, simply use the principle most relevant to your immediate requirements. There are also some pitfalls to avoid when choosing a course. Read on to find out what they are.

You’ll hear this often (which is why we’re placing it first), but you should always first consider your passion, including how a specific course may or may not help you move in that direction. If you are passionate about a subject, you are more likely to do well in it, as you’ll be more interested in the subject matter and more eager to do well. A course may not always relate to your passion directly, but it can teach you an important skill. The next recommendation is to choose a course aimed at filling a specific skill requirement in your work environment. You might need to upskill to get a promotion in your current job, but you’re your decision may also be influenced by a skill requirement in a prospective job opportunity. The final recommendation is to choose a course to refresh your knowledge on a subject you are familiar with. It’s not always necessary to learn a brand-new skill, but sometimes our knowledge is slightly outdated, and it becomes necessary to reacquire that skill to ensure your job performance stays consistent and optimal.

When choosing a course, there are also some choices to avoid.

  • DON’T choose a course that is not relevant to you, especially just to make your CV look good.
  • DON’T choose a course just because it’s popular (unless the course happens to be relevant to you).
  • DON’T choose a course without knowing the scope and difficulty of the work. Find out everything you can before choosing your course. You can’t go blindly into a course and then complain that it is too difficult!

C&L Skills Management has a wide variety of professional courses and short courses on offer. If you are still struggling trying to decide on which one to pick, you can contact one of our professionals to help you.

C&L Skills Management is a company that specialises in the upskilling and training of individuals, as well as delivering organisation-specific development programmes. All our courses are SETA-accredited and registered, and we have dedicated learner support systems and quality content delivery systems.

For more information, contact us at ciskad@clskillsmanagement.co.za.